16 July 2010

Tagged again... Versatile Blogger award

You may remember a LONG time back the big thing in blogging was to tag everyone. Back then I refused to participate in such mess and actually I'ma continue to not tag other bloggers. That said Kingsmomma tagged me as a Versatile Blogger. In honor of this award I have to list 7 random facts about me. I feel like I have mentioned millions of random things (well at least 100) about me but I'll list 7 more. If theses are repeats forgive me.

1. I rarely check facebook... I've grown out of my addiction to read people's statuses and view they pictures. My aunt told us she stalks me and my cousins pages, hearing that made me not want to update anything lol

2. When I'm truly upset about something I work. I do odd projects, doing manual labor enables my mind to clear and focus. When I feel like I can't control things I focus on the stuff I can.

3. I have several physical "tells" that I know about AND know when I do. I yawn when I don't want to talk about stuff, scratch my head when I'm gathering my thoughts, etc. That said I make no attempt to hide them.

4. I'm not good with empathy, if you have a problem and just want to talk about it without hearing a solution then i'm not the guy you should call. Case in point my cousin called me to complain about getting a speeding ticket, I talked to him for 3 min then suggested he call one of his women and bitch about it to them. lol

5. I don't eat mushrooms, bell peppers, avocados or sour cream. I will just pick around them.

6. I talk in my sleep, or i've been told I talk in my sleep. Sometimes I pat the person next to me, I have yet to get up and walk around though

7. I hate walking around barefoot. idk why but I like having slippers, flip flops or shoes on even when I'm in the house.

*this list of 7 things took me 3 days to compile. Please don't expect any more lists from me lol

14 July 2010

Random pics..

I was going to write up a recap on my non-court adventures then I remembered I have a ton of pics!! so yeah this is a pic post in no real order settle in and enjoy (fyi if you follow me on twitter you might have seen some of these)

I've been grilling:

Damn right I put bacon on the grill! bacon cheeseburgers 4life lol

Steaks, corn and grilled green tomatoes (the tomatoes are on the plate with the corn)

pork chops, corn and brocollini (google it bamma)

As well as cooking inside:

Lamb and black bean chili

yes I grind my own chili powder...

Working on home improvement projects:

Kitchen sink sprung a leak and flooded my basement ceiling, I had to rip out a bunch of wet drywall

Cut my leg in the process

Almost like new

I've been going out:

it's spring so you know I went crabbing

Me and her went to....

Baltimore Oriole game... FYI they let you bring your own cooler into the park, I wish I knew this before I got there lol

Thats just a lil bit of what I've been up too...