21 July 2010


Have you heard of freecycle? It's like craigslist but for free stuff. You canpost ads offering things or requesting stuff. I signed up a couple weeks ago in the hopes I would come across something amazing that some fool wanted to give away. While I have yet to find anything worth picking up, I have been amazed by the amount of crap people decide to try and give away. A few examples are:

- Large sturdy lawn mower box. Usually you throw away the box that stuff came in. especially a lawn mower, This guy felt the box was too nice to throw away.... sad part is someone picked it up lol.

- Egg shells. Some lady wanted egg shells to complete some craptastic project. who keeps egg shells around? I mean I can understand saving them if your going to use them but just having a bag ready to give away? #hoarder!

- 3 pampers swimmers. really? you want to give away 3 diapers? would you really drive somewhere for 3 diapers?

- 2 bags of chips. 8.5 oz bags of chips, not even name brand but Food Lion brand. I don't even have a joke for this....

- Digital camera. someone requested this and I was amazed. granted I'm sure someone has a camera they don't use anymore but damn why just give it away? you can try and sell it on craigslist. even sell it for $10 thats still a couple drinks at happy hour.

Those are just a few... Now I can say that if you want free kittens, fabric or old couches this is the place for you. Also there are lots of baby products. I've yet to see anything I want but if you like free stuff you might want to check it out.