02 August 2010

When A.D.D goes wrong...

Let me share my weekend story. See it started on a quiet saturday afternoon. I was chilling with my lady friend, watching TV when I mentioned how I need to go to the grocery store. She says "ok, lets go" and away we went.

Before stopping at the store I wanted to go look at dishwashers, you see my dishwasher has been broken over a year and I was considering finally buying a new one. After leaving the applience place we headed up the road. She mentions how it's a beautiful day and it would be nice to go to the beach, I say the beach is 20min away and we could go. Away we went.

While chilling at the beach (mind you we had NO beach stuff so we just walked the pier) we get some ice cream look at the water then hopped back in the car. Away we went.

Finally we arrive at the grocery store, maybe 1.5 hours after we left my house. I'm picking up some fruit and trying to decide if I want to make lemonade with fresh lemons or lemon juice in the bottle when my mind begins to work...

lemonade.... didn't I just make sweet tea? wait I was GOING to make sweet tea, put the sugar and water on the stove... wait... did I? oh shyt!!!!!


you see before we left I had started to make sweet tea, we both completely forgot that the pot was on the stove and just left out. I had to get back home asap... Away we went..

About 20min later when I got home I was relieved not to see a firetruck in front of my house. I also noticed my neighbor sitting on the porch like it was a normal day and didn't hear any smoke alarms blaring. All signs looked normal. It wasn't until I got to the door that I knew something bad was inside. The smell was like burnt candy and I could smell it from outside the front door. Once I got inside I saw something that can only be described as a lava rock... I survey the damage and decide that everything is just too hot to handle. I also notice we left the TV on, i mean how excited about going to the store were we?? anyway I cut the stove off and head back to the car, after all I STILL needed to go grocery shopping lol... Away we went.

When I got back I was re-greeted with this:

It was SOLID!!

Thank god my house, stove and even the pot survived. The lesson as always is don't let your A.D.D get the better of you.