20 August 2010


I realize a good 80% of the people who read this blog are single mothers and another 15% are women. So when I feel like blogging about things like child support and how children are treated I know I'll get some backlash. That said this blog is about my point of view which isn't a mom, a single mom or even a woman. I'd like to think ya'll read this blog exactly for that view.

That said I just feel like my baby momma doesn't care about LMS. I truly think she is selfish and only focused on herself and how she can get over. She looks at my baby is her source of income. For example, I took this pic last week and this is typically what LMS looks like on a day she's with her mom.

granted she is and always be beautiful to me but when I look at the picture all I see is how she has on clothes that I bought last summer, her hair is never done, how her mom buys the cheapest shoes she can find and she has gained something like 10 pounds in 9 months (but thats a whole different post). To me she just looks dare I say dirty and uncared for... she just isn't thriving like she used to. I can't stand how I pay child support and watch it not go to my daughter. This year I have paid over 5g's in support this year and when I see my baby she looks a mess. (before ya'll get on me about how much kids cost understand that LMS doesn't go to daycare or a summer camp. without childcare costs the least a kid should have is new clothes) I can't think of a woman besides my BM who wouldn't do their daughters hair. Even if I get past the clothes thing and knowing my money is being mismanaged fact is that doing a child's hair has nothing to do with money and everything to do with patience and effort. She doesn't have any patience for children and she only shows effort in finding ways to get money out of me.

I just want whats best for my little girl and it's heartbreaking to know that she's not getting it.