31 August 2010

The waiting game

I feel like this blog has gotten depressing as of late... really if I had more funny stuff happening in my life I'd blog about it. Thing is my life is the equilvlent of sitting in a waiting room.

When you in a waiting room you look around, you might read a book do some people watching or even spark up a convo with the people around you. You just want to pass the time while you wait. Thats me, I'm just sitting and waiting. I've done winter, spring and summer cleaning. I've painted rooms, moved around furniture I even created a idea folder. All in the interest of passing the time.

I'm not here alone though, naw I brought people close to me into the waiting room, so they are forced to wait too. My mom wants to spoil her grandbaby, so she's waiting. My sister wants to spoil her only niece (she bought LMS a b-day gift that she still hasn't been able to give her) so she waits. My girl wants to open a new chapter in our relationship but I can't because I'm not done writing this one, so she waits. Hell even this blog is waiting, I'm sure ya'll want me to get back to funny random stories. So everything in my life is on hold.

While waiting I've realized something, waiting sucks! really who is happy in the waiting room? Oh its fine when you first walk in, maybe after 5 min you grab something to read. After 10 min you start looking around to get a idea of what going on. After 30 you start getting mad, if your forced to wait over a hour your ready to curse someone out. Now imagine waiting over a year... it zaps the life out of you. All of 2010 has been a blur, I look up and it's september. I have more gray hair and for the last week I've waken up sore, and my body aches for no real reason. My body just wants to lay in bed or on the couch but my mind won't allow it. I find myself not wanting to talk to people and just being in a bad mood. I try and force myself out of it most days but some days I just want to be a asshole. I'm suprised people even deal with me lol.... In short I'm tired of this waiting room.