14 September 2010

Dinner with the parents

So friday was my uncle's birthday. My uncle helpped raised me so he's more like a dad then uncle. That said I went over his house to wish him a happy birthday. I kikcked it for a while when my aunt(his ex-wife) showed up. Even though they are not married anymore they are like best friends. By best friends I mean the argue ALL the time, it's both funny and annoying. They might as well just stayed married.

So i'm riding with them to the resturant, chillin in the backseat like I'm 5. The last time I rode in the backseat of a car it was because my mom refused to let me drive (actually it's a funny story). I had a brief glimpse into what life as a loser must be like. Spending your friday night riding in the backseat going out to dinner with your parents smh. Anyway dinner was cool but the best part of the night was this convo....

Aunt: What happened to Tommy?
Uncle: He's dead.
Aunt: What?!? You piece of shyt! why didn't you tell me!
Uncle: He died a couple weeks ago I thought you knew.
Aunt: How would I know! if I woulda known I would have went to his funeral
Uncle: They buried him way out Virgina somewhere
Aunt: You aint shyt!
Uncle: Well next time he dies I'll let you know.
Me: *dead*

No really I was quiet until then, at that moment I busted out laughing. Every now and then I forget where I get my sense of humor from and moments like this remind me.