20 October 2010

The Love Triangle

I was going to post some serious stuff but I figured I'd give ya'll a daddy tale...

I was playing barbies with the baby. She has a boy barbie who is dancing with a girl barbie.. I'm holding a girl one when the baby wants me to tap the boy barbie (ken) on the shoulder and ask him why he is dancing with this other chick. I proceed and the baby makes ken say "I'm not with you anymore, I'm with her"....

This plays out as my barbie getting mad and proceeding to dance with another dude. Then Ken getting jealous and storming over to start a fight. I play along for a minute because I don't get to watch Maury and this is as close to this kinda drama as I get. Finally I stop playing and ask "Where did you see this?" The baby looks at me then answers "At grandma's in the Disney movie".

hhhmmm I'm not sure when Disney started putting this kind of drama into movies but Ill be sure to pay more attention to what message they are sending the youth lol

Needless to say barbie playtime was over and I went back to watching ESPN.