28 October 2010

Random ish...

Whats good people, I feel like I never blog anymore. Not because I don't have time but because everything I want to talk about is stuff I don't want to blog about lol. Its one of the Side effects of your blog being so open. Anyway heres a little update...

- Currently the hardest part about being a full-time dad is dealing with LMS crying for her mom. I'm sure I mentioned before I'm not the best when it comes to empathy and when she cries how she wants her mom I'm perplexed on how to handle it. I console her, tell her it's ok but part of me wants to tell her the truth. That her mom is bat shit crazy and she's better off not living with her. I try real hard not to talk negitive about her mom in front of her though.

- I enrolled LMS in a tennis class. I'm not sure if she likes it or not. Everytime I mention is she says she doesn't want to go, but when it's time to go she is excited. I think we'll do swimming next.

- I need a vactaion in the worse possible way. Like I need a couple days where I don't do anything. Hell someplace with no clocks would be perfect.

- Speaking of clocks I feel like my whole life is being governed by it. Keeping a child on schedule means you have to be on the same schedule. So I'm constantly looking at the clock figuring out how much time I have to get stuff done. Funny thing is once LMS is in bed and I have "free" time I don't even know what to do. I'm so tired I just want to go to sleep myself.

- I've had LMS a little over a month, it feels like so much longer though. Over all I think i'm doing a good job, nothing spectactular but I'm managing it. In football terms I'm a QB who manages the game well, but not a superstar.

- I realized I get stressed the most over money. Women, BM drama and LMS crying I can deal with. Looking at my bank account when I'm broke depresses me like nothing else. I need to be able to provide, feeling like I can't puts me in a bad mood that carries over to everything I do.

- My b-day is a month away... I'm not even excited about it, I'll be 31. No parties planned and since it's on a monday I'll probably just come to work like any other day.

- In good news I started losing weight again. Eating with LMS makes me eat healthier and in smaller portions. So I dropped a good 10lbs. LMS has maintained her weight but she looks slimmer, overall eating and excerise are going well.

- My mom has been a huge blessing thru all this. She made LMS a princess dress for halloween in like 3 days. I'll post a pic after halloween.

Ummm, thats about it. I'll try and post more but in the mean time go check out www.cookinwithdave.com I've posted a couple things over there.