03 November 2010

Halloween wrap up

Sooo I had my first halloween with the baby in a long time. Last time I went trick or treating with her she couldn't walk and me and her mom were together lol. Instead of hitting up my neighborhood I decided to take her to the mall. My neighborhood is wack when it comes to giving out candy and I knew my boy's bike club was at the mall giving out candy. Since LMS knows the Bike club Prez she was sure to get plenty of candy lol.

We went to Forestville mall, I know most of ya'll don't know where or what that is but trust me when I say it's HOOD! so hood I was ready to leave after we hit the bikers up. LMS wanted to walk to all the stores and collect candy. I saw plenty of horrible, lazy costumes. We stayed for about 20min got half a bucket of candy and rolled out.

btw... if your sending your kid out with a plastic bag to collect candy just stop. a orange pumpkin bucket is like $1. You can do better

Next Stop was a churches "Hallowed One's Day" festival. It was my co-workers church and everyone was really nice. Only down side was its location. It was in Woodbrige, VA. About 40min from my house in that place we call the commonwealth. We all know how I feel about visiting VA lol... Even though it was in VA we had a good time and LMS got to play on the moon bounces, get a bag of candy, make some friends and run around. Then the sun went down and it got cold. That was our cue to leave. By the time we got home the kids in my neighborhood were out and I let LMS go to a couple houses.

In the end she got a bunch of candy and had a good time. She even made it to bed ontime. Here is her in the Princess Tiana costume my mom made.