18 November 2010

Ms. Mush

So lets see, last we left My Baby momma had supervised visitation. I'm not sure if I mentioned how that works or if I talked about that experience so I'm going to take a minute and explain how it all has played out.

When I first got custody my BM (I decided I'll call her Ms. Mush because everything she touches turns to mush... see Bronx Tale) wanted to do supervised visitation at playgrounds and Chuck E cheese. The only problem I had with this was that there wouldn't be a neutral party there to ensure nothing crazy happened. I ended up finding a center that handles visitation, the place was cool because I could drop LMS off 15min before Ms. Mush got there and come back 15min after she left. No chance would have any interaction with her and the whole visit would be supervised by a consoler to ensure Ms. Mush didn't ask LMS questions about anything she shouldn't.

Only issue with the place was it cost money. When I first met the director I had to pay a $35 intake fee and she explained Ms Mush would have to do the same. In addition Ms. Mush would have to pay for the visits which could range between $25 - $54 depending on your income. So I figured if we did visits every other weekend it would cost Ms. Mush $50. Thats not unreasonable right? I know she is unemployed but she is renting a townhouse, paying bills and feeding herself so she has income from somewhere. $50 shouldn't be a problem, if all else fails her parents could pay it.

So Ms. Mush meets with the Director and we agree on a date and time frame. 1st visit would be for 5 hours. I droppped LMS off, everyone was nice and welcoming. When I came to pick her up the Director informed me how Ms. Mush refused to pay. Ms. Mush claims I should have to pay since she has no income and since I set all this up.....

Lets rewind for a minute, I didn't HAVE to do shyt. I could have gotten custody and completly ignore any and everything about this woman. Her visitation didn't have a schedule so if she never got it nobody could have said anything. I put in the effort so LMS could see her mom in a positive enviorment. The last thing I was going to do is pay for her visitation, thats money I could spend on LMS. I was already making time in my schedule for it, giving time and money wasn't going to happen.

So the Director says that this visit will be free but the next one won't be. I explain that I understand and me and LMS leave. About a week and a half later we are coming up on the 2nd visit. I call Ms. Mush's mom and ask if she knew if the visit was going to happen, she says she thought it was and that she was going to pay for it. Cool so I tell her LMS will be there. I don't talk to Ms. Mush on the phone because it never ends well, we email each other and even those end badly. Anyway later that day I get a email from Ms Mush saying that she refused to pay for the visit and wasn't going... Since her mom agreed to pay for it I was a little confused but I just said ok and explained that if she had a better location that provided the same service to let me know and we could do the visitations there.

Long story short my baby momma just can't work with anything that isn't 100% under her control. Since most of life is about working with other people I just don't know how she can be productive. All this happened weeks ago and I have yet to hear anything new about places for visiation. Currently LMS only sees her mom for about a hour at school 1-2 times a month. While I feel bad for my baby, I know I tried to make it happen and if her mom ever gains some senses she can be a bigger part of her life.

14 November 2010

Random Thoughts Sunday

All my posts been random lately huh... on well welcome to my life lol. This is just going to be random thoughts that I'm not going to expand on *shurgs*

- I didn't realize I have the BMW of health care till now... I'ma miss it.

- Its had to be the only happy person in a group of upset people. Even harder when you can't tell them why your happy.

- I would have been lost it, if I didn't have so much to lose.

- Its hard to force someone to see your vision, I wish I could do inception.

- As a naturally lazy person, when I give my all I expect others to do the same

- I don't have all the answers... but I have taken the test a couple times.

- Looking back at my life, I've done pretty good for myself. Things could have turned out very different

- My problems are mine because I was built to handle them, you know the saying... your never given more then you can handle.

- Baby I love you but if you ask me 1 more question I'm going to lock you in your room... with love

- I've shown you all the water I know... your going to have to drink on your own.