23 November 2010

Victory Lap

I was talking to the baby's therapist and she asked if all the court drama was over, I said yeah there is nothing on the horizon. A little later i was thinking about it and realized that for the frist time in a long time I have nothing circled on my calender (besides birthdays and such). I free to focus on other aspects of life. The natural question is whats next? All year I was going to treat 2011 as my victory lap, a year where I progress to make up for the last 5 years of sitting still. So what will I be doing?

- A Book: like 5 people have said I should write a book about this whole experience. Even my lawyer said I was going to be the first chapter in HIS book lol. So I just may gather my thoughts and get to writing, don't worry if I end up on oprah I'll be sure to thank all of you.

- BBQ Sauce: My BBQ sauce is awesome, I've sold a couple bottles of it and I plan on moving that into full drive. I got a name and logo worked out, next year I'll hit up some BBQ fests and get the word out. Hell I might even be able to sell it in whole foods as a local product. I don't know how it will all work but I know I'm tired of watching talent sit on the shelf. It's about time to put it to work.

- A new house: I love my house, its a town house thats close to the school and it has enough space for me and LMS. My thought was that I would stay in it till I get married then move into something me and my wife picked together so it would be "Our" house instead of "My" house. Thing is the woman I want to marry doesnt want to marry me so that plan would have to be put on hold. Instead of waiting till I get married I might just spend 2011 stacking my money for a single family home, it will be more space then we need but I want a yard and a garage plus LMS wants a dog.

- New Car: I don't NEED a new car but I want a truck. This will happen in the spring or so.

- Get in Shape: I've been doing a good job losing weight, I'm going to continue to keep it up. No real goal weight I just wanna keep working at it.

- New Job: So if ya'll remember I was about to be laid off a couple of weeks ago. A new company won my contract and gave me a raise so I'm not as active looking for a new job now. My job is pretty cushy and affords me the time and opprotunity to do other things. It's also a low stress enviorment which I've learned counts for alot. Unless I find a gig where I can work from home or not have to commute into DC I'll stay where I'm at.

Point of all this is I have a little freedom that I haven't had in a long time. Even with a kid to raise I have a chance to do great things.