29 November 2010

The Growth... pt 31

Well hello there... Today is my 31st b-day. Give me a minute to let that soak in, 31.... geez I joke alot about how I'm old but truth be told I don't feel that old. I actually feel pretty good.

I have no idea what will be consided my "prime" or when a man hits his "prime", actually let me google it real quick....Ok according to this TIME magazine article a mans prime is 33. So I'm right in that range.

I'm at a age where I have a good mix of youth and wisdom, I feel like I'm old enough to have learned from my mistakes but young enough to know I will make more. I'm young enough to know all the games but old enough to know I don't have to play them. I can see the angles in situations because I have been there before. I don't panic when things go wrong because I know i can work it out. I'm just at a point where I know when take life as it comes and know when I need to press the issue. I feel like the guys in that Viagra commercial, Like I'm in the Age of knowing how to get thing done. Of course I'm not at a age where I need viagra lol

I'm sure I've mentioned it before but this year went by pretty fast, I think I improved as a person over the past year. I'm better at applying lessons and challenging my comfort zones. I've always been good at adapting but now I'm better at adapting and improving.

Anyway, 31 should be fun. I'm looking forward to new adventures and seeing whats next for my crazy life. Hopefully it will be drama free but even if its not I know I can handle what ever gets thrown at me. Lifes not perfect but I know how to enjoy the bright spots while I tend to the dark ones.