14 December 2010

Thats Not Cool....

So my buddy sends me this video and says that it remindes her of her ex boyfriend:

I instantly laugh because it's a funny video about overbearing people and I like the name of the website "thatsnotcool.com" I just want to say that to people when they do stupid shyt... "Thats not cool". Instead I'd parcial to saying "Seriously?? thats how we going?"

Anyway I always find it funny when people stalk/harrass people they care about. I've never been the back-to-back calling type but I've defintly been with girls who were. I usually just call, leave a message and let it be. You have to let yourself go a little to be SO concerned about another person. Shouldn't you be busy living YOUR life and not have time to harrass your mate? Maybe I'm selfish but if someone tells me they are going to the club I say ok and leave them alone the rest of the night. I might check to see if they got home ok but thats about it. I don't need to send countless texts and calls to make sure they are where they say they are. Hell I don't even call out people when I know they are lying to me. If you wanna lie to me about something thats more your issue then mine. Usually its not even a big enough deal to be lying. So I just say "ok" and go back to living my life.

If you care so much about someone you should be able to respect thier space. Even in a age where everyone has a facebook, twitter or blog you have to repect peoples privacy. I usually don't follow people I date on twitter or if they have a blog I don't read it... why? because you can easily read something and misunderstand it or twist it to mean way more then it was intented to. I figure if your close to someone and they want you to know something they will tell you. Nothing worse then letting your online life disrupt your real life.

I saw all that to say stop harrassing your girlfriends/boyfriends, thats not cool.

12 December 2010

Good Cop/Bad Cop

I'm a patient person. I've learned how to sit and wait my turn, wait for the sun to shine my way. My daughter isn't patient. I'm not sure if it's because she's 6 or just that shes a girl or maybe she inherited it from me or her mom. I'm not sure but this lil girl has zero patience. On top of that shes lazy. how are you lazy and have no patience? I mean being lazy should make you able to wait for anything right?

Anyway her lack of patience eats away at mine, usually when I encounter someone who is lazy or impatient I laugh and ignore them. It's thier issue not mine, except when it's me being lazy or impatient. This time it is my issue though. I have to mold this lil girl into a functional member of society, I refuse to let her be lazy and expect that life is just given and she doesn't have to work for anything. So while I'm usually laid back and relax when dealing with her I have to be proactive. Shes learned that crying and complaining are a effective ways of getting whats he wants. So I'm fighting a daily battle to change her habits and re-mold her.

Its a balance of having fun and rewarding good behavior and punishing bad. I'm not a fusing/yelling kind of person but I find myself doing it more because its effective. It seems to be the only thing she responds too. So until she realizes that things can go smooth if she just listens to what I say and does her part I have to be a drill seargent.