20 December 2010

That Love thing...

Yesterday my cousin paid me a visit. This was odd because he lives in NC and I had no idea he was in town. It was a welcome surprise though, so as our kids were running around playing ee were chatting about family, parenting and me moving to NC. Then the convo went to everyones favorite subject.... Love.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before but Love is the one thing us Van Burens suck at. He like me just recently broke up with his girl so we shared stories about love and love lost. Its funny because I could see in his face the feeling I get in my stomach everytime I talk about my ex. We all get the same feelings, its hard to know if its you who has the problem and you want too much or do you just keep choosing the wrong women. Either way its your problem right? breakups always involve a period of reflection. Everyone handles it different, last time I bounced to another girl. That didn't work out too well. This time I'm chillin... I don't have the time or energy to start a new relationship, so many other things require my attention.

Anyway heres the thing about love. Nobody gets it. Nobody really understands it and how it works, we just know that you either want it, have it or miss it. We fall in love with imperfect people and ignore their flaws. Love is blind in the sense that it makes the positives shine brighter then the negatives. Honestly life is easier if you don't have love. Well its easier if you JUST have the love of your family and friends, That love is easy and satisfying. The love of a mate is harder to get and maintain. See over time love lets you see more and more of that person, your eyes adjust to the brightness. You see the person for who they are, sometimes the brightness didn't do the person justice and once your eyes adjusted you realize they are even better. Other times you needed that brightness to keep loving the person.

My point is that love is a fickle beast that nobody truly understands and no book, TV show or movie will be able to explain how it will effect you or who you will fall for. Its one of the few things in life you just have to roll with.