31 January 2011

The Thirst

So theres this girl... she likes texting me. This usually is good but in this case she is just SO boring. Like I've never been so bored texting a girl in my life. Not only is she boring but she just doesn't seem to get that I'm not interested.

Lets rewind like 6 months. I'm chatting with my god-sister about random stuff when she asks "Did ___ call you?" I'm like "who?" She proceeds to explain that my god-mother gave my info out to this girl in a effort to hook me up. I kindly explain to my god-sister that I have a girlfriend and she should tell my god-mom that I don't need the dating help. Before that message could make it back up the grapevine the chick adds me on facebook. She sends me a message about how I'm so handsome and my daughter is so beautiful. I say thanks and again explain that god-mom was mistaken and I'm not single and not interested.

So a couple of weeks ago she texts me, something innocent like "hey how are you" or something like that. Then she asks how my love life is going and I instantly regret changing my relationship status on FB. So we test for a while and I realize that its just a boring convo. Like nothing about it was holding my attention and if I wasn't sitting in a parking lot bored I wouldn't have entertained it. Heres a sample of my boredom

Her: Can you swim?
Me: Nope I never Learned
Her: R u 4real Dave?
*note: it bothers me when grown ass people shorten words like that. this aint twitter.
Me:Yup I'm for real. I never learned.
Her: I learned when I was 5

Another convo:

Her: What r u & LMS doing tonight?
Me: Nothing.... watching TV and surfing the net
Her: Its my niece's bday. Im @ red robin with the fam
*note: I didn't ask what she was doing or where she was at! I really didn't care.
Me: aww thats cool... unlimited fries! have fun
Her: Im on a diet so im getting a salad
Me: oh ok... well enjoy that
Her: I will
Her: Im going to my first pole party 2morrow. Im so excited
*note: again I didn't ask her anything about this... This is actually a continuing theme with her, she answers questions I never asked.

Then this:

Her: Is it ok if i call u sometime or im i doing to much?
*note: Seriously?? you gonna ask permission to call me? granted we have never had a phone conversation but still this just reeked of no confidence.
Me: Naw you can call... I'm not much of an on the phone person though
Her: oh ok
Her: Do u have verizon?
Me: Nope Sprint.. why?
Her: Just asking

And Finally:
After our snow storm, me and LMS were outside sledding.....
Her: Just came back in not to long ago. I love the snow!!
Me: Sweet.. were headed in now. About to make some hot cocoa
Her: I'm drinking some now.
10min later...
Her: Letting you know the roads r good.
Me: Cool, thx. Do you make your hot cocoa from scratch?
Her: No. Do u?
Me: lol.. yup
Her: Maybe u can teach me how someday.
Me: No Problem.. it's really easy
*note: You crazy if you think I'm really going to show a woman how to cook, I did it 1 time and now she is cooking great dishes for her new man. I'm not about to help anymore dudes out like that. Also this is a death blow, You're the woman! you should just know these things. If not you could google the shyt like I did! really its not that hard.

I could go on and I'm sure this girl is a very nice person but she bores the hell out of me and despite how nice I am about it she just doesn't seem to understand that I'm not interested. Shes asked me out like 3x and all 3x I've explained that I don't have time. She's even dropped hints about how she was in my neighborhood, like I'm going to invite her over O_o yeah NEXT!!! lol


circa_1983 said...

•yikes. it was awkward just reading this. poor girl :-/ poor boring girl.

inc23 said...

You are evil. She is interested, realizes her shelf life is approaching its end, and is putting in work. She is trying to spark conversation by sharing without being prompted. She was even nice enough to respectfully call you a punk by turning it on herself and asking if she would be doing too much by calling you. Have we stopped to think about how she feels having to pull teeth? Nevertheless, she is attentive enough to realize that your communication skills are poor and is willing to take the L and pretend like she can't make/Google recipes for homemade hot cocoa in hopes that you will be a little more lively in person. Shame on you Dave she sounds like wife material to me. Lmao

On the otherside of this, I maintain the best way out of this is to play dead and maybe she'll go away. This is most effectively employed while you are in the middle of one of those painful text convo.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

LOL @ play dead. Or cuss her out!

LMAO at this whole post!

Shelly said...

I don't get it. When she asked if it was ok for her to call you said "Naw you can call". This was your out. Sometimes you just have to be straight up with people and let them know. If she has asked you out 3x than you should just tell her you have a girlfriend and its not a good idea. Sometimes people do not get the polite hints. I can always appreciate someone letting me down in a nice and respectful way. I'm sure she will appreciate it also.

Just my 2cents for whatever its worth. Good Luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she should have gotten the hint but she hasn't. I had a dude like that around for a while and the only effective approach was to tell him directly that I simply wasn't interested in him. Can you really expect her to act like a woman if you won't man up?

Mia said...

^My bad...didn't mean to publish the above as anonymous.

bayoucreole said...

Naw Dave, when she asked could she call you, you should have told her...No. That you have a girlfriend and you don't think that's a good idea. Instead, you told her yes...there's that hope she was looking for. However false it may be.
Just be honest and tell her you don't think it's a good idea you two communicate anymore.

Tilla said...

That's really sad. the lack of self-esteem and self-confidence is overwhelming. She is trying way too hard. This could have been over and done with in a single phone call. I feel bad for her. I wonder tho, what is up with women persuing men? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
You should just call her and be honest with her. I don't think you should have accepted her friend request on facebook or had the text messaging sessions...but it's too late to go back in time... Next time this happens, nip it in the bud quick. It's not being rude or ugly, it's just being truthful and yes, sometimes, unforch. the truth does hurt. But knowing the truth will help you or the other person to move on quicker.

Chatterbox said...

I am gonna agree with a couple of ohters. YOU have to take responsibility for this one. You should have told her no about calling you when she first asked.

Let her down easy or she is gonna keep hope alive!!

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

Wow..I got embarrassed just readin' this post...geez she needs to go to the Wizard and ask for a brain so she can get a clue..smh..

chele said...

What happened to good old honesty? She keeps trying because you haven't told her NOT to. Stop hinting and just tell her. Seriously, most grown women prefer a man to be honest. Just tell her that you are not interested.

This is exactly why I do not pursue men. I am a firm believer in that if a man is interested in me, he'll let me know. If he doesn't then I need to keep it moving.

krisaela said...

I'm in TEARS laughin' at this entry. Welcome to my blogroll, lmao.

"You crazy if you think I'm really going to show a woman how to cook, I did it 1 time and now she is cooking great dishes for her new man. I'm not about to help anymore dudes out like that. Also this is a death blow, You're the woman! you should just know these things. If not you could google the shyt like I did! really its not that hard."

Precisely. :)

RunningMom said...

I'm going to have to agree with the folks that said you should have told her thanks but no thanks when she asked if she could call you. You aren't interested!

So unless you are keeping the cookie on the shelf for dusting off later, let someone else have it!

oh, and I'm back :) smooches

Amber No Rose said...

This is funny. I think we've all been there before.

You can handle it 3 ways.

1) Ignore her. Don't answer text, calls, fb messags, tweets, knocks on the door, etc.

2) Politely tell her your not interested. Make it clear. Tell her to stop texting, calling, etc.

3) continue this nonsense.

all i can say is good luck.

Serenity3-0 said...

Poor thing! I didn't think she was volunteering information, I was thinking she was initiating topics to get you to talking. But that ain't work out. I'm with everyone else, just tell her that she's nice but you are not interested. I hate when people play games wiht me and you should tell whoever tried to hook y'all up to stop it.

SincerelyGo said...

Oh NO! I wonder if this is what Summer Love thinks about me when I text out the blue with weeks in between. Now I'm sad, but I'm certainly not boring and Summer Love knows this, ha.

Won't you just say, " I'd prefer you not contact me anymore" it's a sharp blow but at least she can get on with her life.



Kopa said...

She should've gotten the hint after the second time you said you didn't have time for a date. That's such a clear sign, cause if a guy wants to go out, there WILL be time. At the very least she should've waited til you asked her out, not keep pursuing this without any encouragement.

It's very hard to let someone down and be all "you're boring, go away", when they should just GET THE HINT.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I swear to you that I am laughing WITH you and AT her but not AT you! BWAAAHHAHAAA