23 February 2011

Sick Day

Over the weekend LMS developed a cold. I'm 95% sure it was a cold and not allergies, green muscus and all that. So even though her nose was a never ending facuet she had a vist scheduled with mom at a family fun center. I gave her some meds and for a couple hours she ran around and had a good time. We left and all was good.

The next morning (monday) baby had lost her voice. I chalked it up to running around screaming while sick. The good news was her cold was going away. I sent her to school with no vice, i mean she usually gets in touble for talking too much anyway, this can only help right? Tuesday morning same thing, cold almost gone but no voice. I picked her up from school and she was eating some candy (leftover from v-day) we sent to the store and headed home.

I figured I'd make my world famous black beans and rice since I already had some leftover roasted chicken. As i was cooking LMS comes up and tells me her stomach hurts, this is universal kid code for "I'm hungry". I brush it off and explain that im cooking dinner and she can eat in a few. I fix her plate and she barely eats anything, this is really odd for LMS as she loves to eat. I think that maybe she had more candy then I thought and she just was full. We get ready for bed.

Once in bed she continues to say her stomach hurts, and it only feels better when she is sitting up. I know what that means so I try my best to get her to go to sleep. Hoping that some sleep will settle her tummy, then it happens...

Before I could tell her to go to the bathroom she had threw up on the carpet and sheets. She made it to the bathroom for round too so it wasn't that bad. The funny part in all this was that apparently if was the first time LMS had vomited in her memory. Being such she had questions. questions I wasn't prepared to answer like "How did I do that?" Then she carried this new accomplishment as a badge of honor and wanted to tell everyone how she couldn't stop spitting up.

I ended up taking 2 days off to stay with her, shes got better and I learned what the BRAT (Banana Rice Apple Toast) diet was. The other part of this was a couple days later I was up all night vomiting. Kiddie germs are the worst. I tell LMS that I'm sick like she was and her only response was "My belly doesn't hurt anymore, can we get McDonalds for breakfast?"

At what age do they start to care for you?


Alovelydai said...

Glad she's feeling better & that the BRAT diet worked.

Oh & they do care about you. They just think we're invincible at times. I have to be on my death bed before anyone notices.

RealHustla said...

Funny. I do the BRAT backwards.

Reggie said...

They don't.

Kiddie cooties are the worst.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I so love your writing style. I can picture it well:)

And I hear that they never start caring...maybe that's why I don't have any kids of my own yet?