28 March 2011

Being Great

Its funny how things come around. I wanted to write this post a couple weeks back but I got busy with other things and it never happened. Then last night I was chillin watching TV and got reminded of it.

See both times I was watching Good Will hunting. Its been in rotation on some movie channel for the past month and every time its on I watch it. I've seen it before but I recently just really got the point of the movie. I'll skip the synopsis of the film and assume you have seen it, if not keep reading but hit up netflix and watch it.

The underlying theme of the movie is that Will Hunting is scared to be great. He has all this potential and he is scared to tap into it because it will take him far from his comfort zone. He spends his days getting drunk with his buddies because its safe and familiar. Even when he knows he can do so much more. He even backs away from a woman who challenges him to do more with his life because he is scared of what leaving his comfort zone means.

In short he was scared to be great.

The thing I've realized about life is that change is hard. Its hard not only to decide that what your doing isn't working but to also make that leap in deciding to change. All change is met with resistance whether its from yourself, your friends or your family. Some people just don't want you to be great. They want you to stay in their comfort zone because it makes them feel better about being scared.

In Good Will Hunting it wasn't until his best friend explained that he was wasting his talent and it was ok for them to leave and do something great that Will was comfortable with the idea of leaving his comfort zone. Even though it was a message he had heard before, when it came from his friend it meant more. True friends are like that, they want to see you shine. They call you out when your wasting your talents and don't try to hold you back so you can struggle with them.

Anyway don't be afraid to try new things and shake up your life. Be great.


Jazzy said...

I luv that movie...and this belongs in the Growth chronicles. Your welcome lol

Sha Boogie said...

Great post! You're right, it is so easy to stay in the slow lane.. I want to be great and kick your butt in WWF! lol

Adrienne said...

Great post!! Now I want to see that movie lol

Monique said...

"Anyway don't be afraid to try new things and shake up your life. Be great." I need to print this and hang it over my computer.

12kyle said...

Good post, fam. Greatness is always there for the taking. Why wait on it?

Anonymous said...

good post!! I needed that!


Ms. Behaving said...

Great post Dave...Makin' a mental note to see that movie.

Oh and maybe (just maybe) I'll try something new JUST for the heck of it. :)

Realestdudeintheroom.com said...

Never seen the movie, but I can relate...The older I get, the less scared I am of success. Hell at this age, you get tired of failing.