03 March 2011

Weekend Lessons

Heres just a couple of the things I learned last weekend

- When your cousin offers to take your daughter to the movies and keep her overnight they might get offended if you send your daughter with money.

- Mechniacal Bulls are not for big people. Trust me nothing is worse then trying and failing to get on it 6 times while people at the bar laugh at you. Then when your ready to quit having the whole place to chant "one more time.. one more time" knowing damn well we... I mean they just want one more chance to laugh at you on your birthday. #truestory

- Sometimes the term "live band" means 1 dude killing popular songs with his gutiar. If this happens this same dude will allow you to come on stage and sing for him.

- Some people have crazy fears... like being scared of giants

- Some how I always end up hanging out with people who either love Hooters or have never been to one. So I'm either forced to go or feel obligated to show people this place thats famous for the wrong reasons. Hooters waitress are not what you expect and the food is blah its still an entertaining place.

- There are people who get so drunk they interview thier friends with no microphone. They just use their hand as a mic at the table. Then when they notice the girls at the next table laughing at them they awkwardly go and hit on them. Those same girls explain that they need not only their bills paid but also their friends who just happens to be the waitress. Then when the drunken people leave the manager prays it was not his establishment that servered them that much liquor.

- Some people come into Hooters with fake UFC championship belts. Then take the posters off the walls.

- My neighbors kids sit in the car at 3am listening to music. I'd understand if the car was full of smoke.


Sha Boogie said...

Uhm.. Dave.. news flash: Hooters wings are AWESOME!

Adrienne said...

Yeah Hooters wings really are good, but I've never been lol. Someone always brings them to me lol.

The True Urban Queen said...

One of those who has never been to Hooters.

I am dying to ride a bull. *SMH at what people will think.*

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I cosign about the Hooters wings!

Sincerely Go said...

I don't like buffalo wings AT ALL and from what I remember from what other people said, Hooters isn't that great.

I remember when I was college I thought, wow. I have hooters (triple D's)I should try to get a job there. I went in the establishment to find these skinny heffas had like c-cup boobs and I was not trying to be the one to stand out.

Sounds like a fun weekend though.A mechanical bull, how fun. I mean sounds fun.