16 April 2011

A Dishwasher Tale

So about 2 years ago my dishwasher broke. I had sears come out to fix it and this bamma said it was a broken pump and would cost $340 to fix. Now I paid $400 the washer when I bought it 2 years before that. I declined his offer and decided I would just replace it.

Around the same time the dishwasher broke I got my roof replaced so money was kinda tight... a dishwasher was a luxury and I didn't put it high on the "to do" list. I mean growing up I never used one so I was used to washing my own dishes. So a couple months turned into a year and any extra money I had to replace a dishwasher was going to pay my lawyer so I just continued to was dishes by hand.

It was actually kinda interesting to see who would wash dishes and who wouldn't. Some people come over see the dishes in the sink and just start washing them, others just add to the pile. Also if your dating a girl who wont wash your dirty dishes you need to dump her.

So I finally got some cash to buy a dishwasher. Me and my cousin installed the current dishwasher but I didn't feel like dealing with it again so I decided to just let home depot handle it. I buy a washer that was nice and on sale, schedule a delivery and wait. When they show up 2 guys come in take a couple measurements and tell me my new dishwasher is too big.

Keep in mind I have a dishwasher the exact same size currently in the space so I'm confused. They tell me I need some other washer that is 1/2inch smaller and go about their business. After looking at the space I realize they measured it wrong since I have hardwood floors and the washer sits on the sub-floor not the hardwood. Simple mistake I'll just reschedule the delivery. Delivery #2 goes exactly like the first... only this time before they came out I tried to remove my old dishwasher and guess what? Its stuck and I mean STUCK! I have no idea how this thing fit into this space to begin with. I wrestle with it for 30min, say fuck it and try to put it back only it wont go back. It was stuck in in between being out and in. The delivery guys come and explain again that the new one is too big and they can't install it. This time I try to convince them that it will fit since they are measuring wrong. no dice, they wont do it. They leave and tell me the model name of the washer that will fit. I grab my keys and head down to home depot to see it in person.

I sit with the sales lady and go thru every GE, Matag and LG dishwasher they carry and only like 3 of them are the size I need. So I end up ordering a new one based on a picture since they don't carry it in the store. Delivery #3 ended up being with the same guy from delivery #1. Him and his partner walk in as I'm watching Bourne Ultimatum. Do you know these bammas stopped and started watching it. They hadn't even got to the kitchen yet! They make it to the kitchen, do the measurements and deem this new washer will fit. Then they try to remove the old one which was still halfway stuck. It took them 15min to get it unstuck, I really have no idea how we got it in there to begin with. So as they are installing the new washer I am playing "go fish" with LMS. I hear them doing stuff then it gets quiet. after about 5min of quiet i poke my head around the corner and these bammas are watching Bourne Ultimatum again! They see me then get back to work.

End the end it took 2 years, 3 deliveries and 2 returns for me to get a new dishwasher but let me tell you something.... its AWESOME!! its so shiny! lol it is smaller then my old one but unless i replace my counter tops I can't do anything about that. I've been washing dishes every other day since I got it. Now all i need to do is teach LMS how to load it and turn it on.


Adrienne said...

LOL, it's not funny but hilarious lol.

Why you gotta dump the girl that won't do dishes? LOL What if she cooks? lol

Reggie said...

I can't remember the last time that I didn't have a dishwasher and yet, I never use it.

To me there is something calming and relaxing about washing dishes. I know that sounds crazy, but washing dishes is something that I really don't mind doing.

I've been married for almost 22 years and my wife would rather buy a dish than wash one. Me, I don't mind washing them. I wouldn't spend $10 to get a dishwasher fixed....unless I was selling the house it was in.

Babs said...

Dude, if I come to a man's house and he thinks I'm gonna wash his dirty dishes that I didn't help dirty, I'm turning around and walking the fugg out.

Matter of fact, if I get to dude's house and he hasn't washed dished before I get there I'm leaving.

On topic- I don't do dishes by hand. Dish water skeeves me out. I use my dishwasher every other day. If it broke I would replace it immediately!

Dbold said...
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Liryc's pRHOfyle (Ms.Liryc) said...

I'm with Adrienne, why dump her if she doesn't wash the dishes? If she cooks, then you clean the dishes.. its only fair right? (I have this thing about a dirty sink.. I must wash the dishes but that's just me)

This story was funny though.. I must admit it made me laugh..

Congrats on your new washer.. enjoy it and treat it with care.

Monique said...

LOL you and dishwashers have a crazy love affair.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Boy stop! If I didn't dirty that dish I definitely ain't washing it by hand. I might load a dishwasher depending on where we are in the relationship...and if your kitchen is dirty you had better been sick or something. I grew up with a dishwasher my whole life so...

Anywhoo good luck with the new dishwasher I love NEW stuff!

P.S. you gotta turn off the action flicks when people gotta work. You should have put in a flick for LMS. LOL!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Now if they would've sat down to watch the tv show...now that would have been real bamma!

Ms. Behaving said...

LOL @ you and your constant use of the word bamma.

::side eye @ "If your dating a girl who wont wash your dirty dishes you need to dump her."

Men and their twisted logic...::shakin' my head::

Anonymous said...

Its not so much about the dishes as it is the point. If I go anywhere, I expect to help out who ever I'm going to see. Call it dating or whatever if a man whos single asks me over and cooks, I either do dishes and leave to dry or we do dishes together. I do dishes if that's what needs done, who would honestly leave a single dude's house with a sink of dirty dishes even if he is totally capable of doing them?? Its not like your washing his dirty man panties??