22 June 2011

10 day Challenge - 3 movies

Star Wars - All of them. when ever they come on TV I have to watch them, I just love them. I even read the books pick up the story where the movies end. I even got LMS watching them.

Pulp Fiction - “Wheres my Bad Motherfucker?” “English Motherfucker! do you speak it!!” that's all you need to know about that movie.

The Other Guys - One of the most slept on comedies I’ve seen in a while. I remember seeing the previews and thinking it was going to be dumb. Then I saw it one random saturday afternoon and was dying laughing. Every morning since I wake up and say “gator don’t play no shit, gator ain't never been about playing no shit!” Just watch this clip.


Babs said...

Dude, The Other Guys is hilarious! I had no idea. I rented it and had to put the pillow over my face to stifle my laughter. I thought I was going to wake the baby.

Adrienne said...

Ok, I've never heard of The other guys. Gonna have to netflix it.