19 June 2011

10 Day Challenge - 7 Wants

1. A new car -
A truck to be exact, I’m not thrilled about paying a car note again so I've been in no rush.

2. A week long vacation to another country - I've actually never been out the country but I’d love to start traveling.

3. To get married - I’d like to share my crazy life with someone

4. Another kid - This goes with #4 since having another Baby Momma would actually be a fear lol. Ideally I’d want a son but another girl would be cool too.

5. Financial Independence - if #1 and #4 happen this would probably take longer but that's a trade off I’d make.

6. To go deep sea fishing - I was actually hoping one of my boys would want to do this as a bachelor party thing but it didn't happen. I’ll have to push for this to happen

7. A matte black sports car - like THIS. It doesn't have to be a Lambo, a Vette would work just as well for me. That's in the “money to blow” folder, you know after the wife and kids are taken of OR if I don’t get married after LMS is in college.

btw I'm already tired of this challenge. Its kinda boring... I'ma finish tho, because I'm no quitter lol

Also Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there also to the Uncles, Brothers and Boyfriends who fill the Dad role.

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Monique said...

Happy Fathers Day!