18 June 2011

10 Day Challenge - 8 Fears

1. Wasting my talent -
“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent” its one of my favorite Bronx Tale quotes and its really true. To watch talent go unused is a sad thing.

2. Not being around to see my daughter grow up - I’m excited for her future and I want to be around to see it.

3. Watching my mom pass away - for obvious reasons

4. Working a "regular" job when I'm 50 - By then I want to be working for myself or at job that feels less like actual work.

5. Snakes - This fear back to my childhood. I just don’t mess with them

6. Failing as a Dad - although I don’t know what the definition of failing would be.

7. Being Unemployed - Not that its the worst thing in the world I just aint trying to know that feeling

8. Having a mentally handicapped kid - When my BM was preggers ALL I asked for was a healthy child, I didn’t care whether she was a boy or girl, light or dark. Who's nose she had or anything like that. I just wanted a healthy kid.

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