09 June 2011

The Dumb Test

I had this long post about me and my ex and what happened but after writing it and proof reading it I decided I didn't want to share. Its just one of those things I don't like talking about, call it a open wound of whatever but I doubt I'll ever devote an entire post to it. Instead I'ma post about a conversation me and LMS had.

We were driving home after school/work and LMS asks me "Daddy you want to take the dumb test?" Me being the genius that I am figured this would be simple. It went something like this.

Me: Sure
LMS: Ok, What color is your hair?
Me: Black
LMS: Whats you eye color?
Me: Brown
LMS: What color pants are you wearing?
Me: Tan
LMS: What color shirt are you wearing?
Me: Blue
LMS: What color is my shirt?
Me: White
LMS: What was the 1st question I asked?
Me: What color is my hair
LMS: NOPE!!! I asked do you want to take the dumb test! *evil laugh*
Me: .......

Honestly I felt dumb. Shes almost 7 and she already out smarted me! Send help I'm in trouble.


Jazzy said...

*snickering at you being outsmarted by a first grader* LOLOL

As for the story about your ex - it's your blog. You should be able to blog about whatever you want BUT I think keeping that information your drafts is a much better idea.

12kyle said...

LOL @ you. Kids always do this kinda stuff. Maybe they ARE smarter than us.

I agree with Jaz about posting about your ex. Keep it close to the vest

Reggie said...

Our children are supposed to make us look and feel stupid at times, that makes them feel good.

I understand how you feel about your ex. There are things I'd like to write once my relationship is officially over, but I hesitate to do so.

Some wounds never heal. Maybe the fact that they don't is what gives us the human touch.

Ms. Camile said...

ooh I look forward to these juicy dating stories! * rubs hands together* lol

Adrienne said...

LOL too funny lol.

Remnants of U said...

Yes sir, you are in trouble. LOL!

foshead said...

LMAO! That was good. I found myself thinking back to the first question and what did I think, the same thing you did. Priceless!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I can't wait to use that test!! MUHAHAHA! lol