29 August 2011



I feel like I'm always the last to know when you're dating someone! Are you dating someone now? How long did you date LMS' mom? Do you want to get married one day?

Dammit Sha thats none of your business!!!!! lmao just kidding. I’m trying to stick to my word and not talk about women on the blog. At least not in a serious way, I’ll be sure to make light of my dating escapades. That said this blog would be the last to know if I was dating someone.

As far marriage i’d love to get married one day.


Will she dislike her mother off the basis of what you have said, showed frustration in or the latter?

LMS Loves her mom and I wouldn’t expect her not to. I’m not expecting any real issues until the teenage years, her frustration comes more from being stuck in the middle of 2 people who can’t agree.

Do you think LMS will know how to love a man and be the helpmate of the household?

uuummm shes 7, she barely knows how to tie her shoes and add double digit numbers. I don’t think those are lessons she needs to learn just yet.

You are a great father but what have you taught her about being equally yoked in a relationship with a man?

Thank you, again she is 7 I have not taught her anything about being in a relationship. I’m trying to get chores down.

Would she actually know how to love herself or better yet love in general?

Knowing how to love yourself comes from self confidence. She has that in abundance, I don’t think it will be a problem. Plus she shows love to everyone, she is surrounded by more love then drama.


What do you think about the black male psyche and his relationship to all things material based.

Its cool, I like stuff. You should too. I think the youth (me included) in general is too materialistic and I hate throwing labels like that on 1 segment when its a much wider group that’s effected. Its more of a generational issue then it is a racial/gender one.

Let's hear what you think is going to be good investment at under $30 and getting normally non investors investing.

Lets see, I’d take that $30 and buy 6 bottles of my BBQ sauce. That’s an investment in good eating.


Let's hear about Cooking with Dave and the future direction of that.

Let me tell you about Cooking with Dave, every time I start working on it my cousin comes thru wanting to take professional pictures. We gather all this material and then I get stuck waiting on him to send it to me. Its hard work having a partner. My future plans are to sell BBQ sauce from the site, get rich and forget all about you bammas lol. Till then I’ll continue to post random things I cook. You might have t deal with some camera phone pics instead of DSLR ones though.

The Jaded NYer:

Who's this commentor Bri? Is that him in his avi? If so, HAWT! Tell him to check out my blog sometime *raised eyebrow*

*smacks nose with newspaper* Down girl!!! down!!! just once keep it in your pants, geez.

Jasmin...I mean...Anonymous:

After last year's Flaker debacle, are you still a fan? If so what in the world for?

Lakers for life bamma!!!! and last I checked the Celtics lost to a Model, A Cry Baby and an Ostrich so you shouldn’t talk. At least the Lakers got beat by the future champs. The real question is when will you jump on the lakers bandwagon? I’ll hold a seat for you.


Do I have any questions......eh...... here's one. If you HAD to be on a reality tv show NOT about cooking, which one would you be on?

Jersey Shore, they party and make up crazy acronyms. I can get down with that. A close 2nd is Big Brother, I was forced to watch it last year and it seems like an interesting way to spend a couple weeks

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Did you ever want to be a Ninja Turtle?

G.I Joe and transformers. Ninja turtles were cool but I think i was too old to actually want to be one. I may or may not have ran around a military base in full fatigues with a hat that said “born to kill” though.

What's the last concert you've been to?

John Mayer.... I only knew like 2 of the songs lol

When will you allow LMS to get a cell phone?

I’m thinking 13... maybe sooner if she needs one. If anything I’d get her a simple one so she can call her mom.

Did you have a pager as a teenager?

Of course! I didn’t use codes though, nobody was that important that they needed a code.

What fashion trend did you join that you look back on and ask yourself what you were thinking?

I used to wear rayon shirts that my mom made me when I was a kid. Oh and I wore a lot of Hawaiian shirts in the early 2000s smh. Then their was the Ice Berg cartoon character phase, you know what lets stop there.


When you start dating someone new how long before you let them meet LMS? Once LMS does meet them do you think it's appropriate for her to spend the night?

LMS kinda indirectly meets people I’m dating, I never introduce them as my “girlfriend” but she sees them at BBQ’s or when they come over. Its really no different then any of my friends coming over. Its not like we are bunned up on the couch. I don’t think its a huge deal unless you are explaining that this is daddy’s girlfriend. Otherwise they are just friends and she has met a bunch of my friends both male and female.

As far as spending the night, i’m not sure how long into the relationship I would think it was ok. In general I don’t see it as a problem as long as its not a different girl every week. The girl would have to be my official girlfriend. Hell LMS has invited women to stay the night before, I don’t think it would bother her. I haven't had to deal with it yet.

Does LMS have any other female influences in her life besides her mom?

She has 2 grandmothers that she is close to and my sister. Also my niece is 18 so I guess she counts.



Never!!!! I’m off that shaving life! ok backstory, I have not been clean shaven all year. It started with me being lazy over the winter and growing a beard. Then a friend of mine said it was cute and I should keep it. So I did, and it grew. Then I got bored and trimmed it but didn’t shave. I cut it down to stubble and let it grown back. I have repeated this cycle all year lol.


Ms. Behaving said...

LOL! Very good answers Dave. Hope it's NOT too late for me to ask a question. <--- #BetNotBe

Here goes:

In your opinion, what's the hardest part about being a parent?

RealHustla said...

Maaaan Puah invited a guest to sleep over. It was so embarassing! He said "but where would I sleep?" she said, "in bed next to Mommy!" Lawd, we all just avoided eye contact.

Dave Van Buren said...

@Ms Behaving - I think the hardest part is being scared your doing it wrong.