06 October 2011

Vegas pt 3

So I really wasn't going to write this post. My A.D.D had kicked in and I got bored with the topic. Then I started thinking about everything that happened on the 3rd trip and decided I should at least mention the highlights of the trip

So for my 3rd trip it was me Cousin (from pt2) and our other cousin who is like my brother so we will call him Brother. It was Brothers first time in Vegas.

- First night Cousin went to sleep at 9pm, I was annoyed with him early on lol

- After Cousin went to sleep me and Brother drunk way too much liquor, didn't eat and hit a couple strip clubs. If you have to swipe your card at many clubs it will show up as a restaurant on your bill. You know just in case someone else is checking it.

-first morning in Vegas we were awaken by what surely was a bear in the bathroom. Turns out it was Brother was sick and expelling liquids from everyplace possible. No way to wake up let me tell you.

-Brother spent his first day in Vegas in bed. He probably has alcohol poisoning but there was no way we were going to the hospital

- Me and Cousin left Brother in the room and went about our day. We came back to find him on the phone with prostitutes

- We decided to drive to CA to visit my dad. This was a great Idea till we realized it was a 4 hour drive across Death Valley. Death Valley is empty as you might imagine. On another note its a beautiful drive

- Had some amazing Mexican food at my dads house. Also learned how to play poker, one of the few things my dad taught me.

- Last night in Vegas Brother fell in love with this stripper who claimed that she was in the military and lived in Alaska..... ALASKA!!! I didn't believe her until Brother had us walking her to he car after her shift and she has Alaska tags and a DOD sticker *shrugs*

- Yes we walked a stripper to her car after her shift, brother was convinced she was going to give him some ass later on.

- We passed out in the hotel room and missed our flight back.

I said next time I go to Vegas I'll go with a girl. I'm sure at the very least I'll experience more touristy stuff.

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Monique said...

Strippers and drunken nights...sounds like Vegas. LOL