07 November 2011

School House Adventures

Its been a minute and honestly the though of quiting blogging crossed my mind a couple times. i don't have the same feeling towards it like I used to. I'm still around though. Let me share a couple parenting stories....

1. I get a call from aftercare that LMS stole 2 kids Halloween candy. I remember coming home with some candy but she said a little girl gave it to her. so now she stole AND lied. When I went to pick her up I explained how she was punished and I made her give the kids some candy from her Halloween haul. Then I threw out the rest (ok I saved the good stuff for me but she didn't get anymore). She was sad for like 15minutes then she went about life. My daughter is so much like me its scary, we both adapt to things crazy fast. Its hard to punish her because she isn't attached to anything.

2. I get a call from her teacher, apparently she pushed some kid into a wall. This is a kid she has been having problems with all year from what I gather the little boy has bigger problems than LMS so Ive just been telling her to ignore him. Well this day there were in line next to each other and I guess she didn't want him there so she pushed him. I'm not sure if I was mad or not, before I could decide a punishment....

3. In the same phone conversation the teacher mentioned that LMS was threatening another little girl in her class. telling the child that she was going to beat her up and then after her dad came to class to talk to the teacher about it LMS tells the little girl that she will get her AND her dad. And she will follow her to 3rd grade. The teacher wants to meet with me, LMS, the little girl and her parents. I agree and start thinking. I've never known LMS to threaten anyone, in general she is a happy kid. She's hit kids but that's just what happens on the playground. It just seemed out of character for her. So when I pick her up I ask her what happened. Ok actually I grill her on both the little girl and pushing the little boy. She confesses to pushing the boy but is fairly adamant that she didn't threaten the girl. Adamant to the point she starts crying and saying the little girl is lying. I believe her and decide to wait till after the conference when I can hear the full story.

Next morning we are at the conference and the little girl is talking, only she isn't mentioning anything about threats. She is talking about LMS stealing pencils and telling her to shut up (LMS is a smiling gangsta). In general its normal kids stuff. Then the dad interjects, he asks LMS whole name and says she is not the right girl. Apparently some other girl in another class was making threats and LMS got blamed. Just one of those things that happens when your acting up in class, EVERYTHING gets blamed on you. The counselor apologized, I spoke to the teacher we left.

I tell LMS that I'm proud she told the truth and stuck with it. Sometimes you just know your kids and what they are capable of. LMS might steal pencils and candy but she doesn't look for drama and confrontation. She just makes bad choices in the heat of the moment. Just one of the many things we work on.

Nobody said this was going to be easy....


Adrienne said...

Gonna keep you & LMS in my prayers! You are doing a great job, just keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daveeeeeee!!! You did not call LMS a smiling gangsta. LOL!! I see yall been busy on yur side of town. Keep up the good work! Such a great dad!