13 January 2011

Bullying Hits Home

I was taking the baby to before and after care the other morning when she was saying how she didn't want to go. They whole ride there she said "I don't wanna go, can't you just take me to school?" this is odd because it had never been a problem before. As I inquired why she didn't want to go she said "Because Raekwon is mean to me"

Now I generally don't get involved with kids beefs especially girls ones. I know too many grown women who hate thier friend 1 day and are best buds the next. Plus I feel like LMS should learn how to handle these situations without me, in life there will always be someone who teases you or isn't nice to you. I explain to LMS that if he's mean tell him to leave you alone or let the teacher know. She says no because hes "much bigger". By this time we are at the after care center... only she refuses to go in the room. Mind you I have no idea who this kid is. The before care room is a place where kids from different ages and schools gather and wait for the bus. So it could be any kid in there, only LMS won't point him out.

I tell her I will talk to the teacher about it because I can't afford to go to jail for beating up some Wu-Tang lovers kid. LMS refuses to let me talk to the teacher because Raekwon is friends with some other kids who are her friends and she doesn't want to come off like a snitch (not her exact words). Now I'm frusterated, I should be headed to work but instead I'm going back and forth with my baby. Nothing I say will make her want to go in the room and she doesn't want me to fix it. I have issues with problems I can't fix. Why bring me a problem if you don't want me to fix it?

Anyway after a couple more minutes of debate I agree to just drop her off at school. We get back in the car and drive to school, we get there super early so we have to wait in the car... while waiting we talk about everything and decide that I'll let the director know about the lil boy that way nobody in her class will know I said anything. So that afternoon I go to talk to the director and I call Raekwon a "little boy", the director say no he's big... O_o, my mind rewinds and I recall seeing a kid who HAD to be a teenager in the before care room... I mean he was too old to be in before care but I figured he had some mental issue. Some how this changed things for me, I can't jack up a kid BUT a teen??? oh yeah I can scare the hell out of a teen, shyt he might need it. He has no business teasing a 6 y/o. The director assures me that I won't have to worry about it anymore so I take him at his word.

Next day LMS is telling me how Raekwon was being nice to her....

09 January 2011

Me... Charity??

Sorry for the lack of posts.. my laptop got hooked on crack and I had to send it to rehab. Unfortunately in rehab it did some soul searching and decided it didn't want to be a working laptop anymore.... long story short I had to get another one.

So anyway a little before christmas I was chilling at work surfing the net when my cell rings. It's my daughters school. I'm sure all parents get worried when the school calls in the middle of the day, my mind started racing as to what it could be. Was my daughter hurt? My Baby Momma acting a fool? Is there a bomber at the school? Its funny because when they call the first thing they say is "Your daughter is fine" then the lady proceeds to tell me that LMS has been selected to receive a gift from a teacher and they were sending it home in her bag.

I was like cool, thats nice of them but there is no way you can send my daughter home with a wrapped gift and not expect her to open it asap. So after she tells me about the gift she mentions that they are also sending home some "gently used" clothes... *record scratch* this lady just said she was sending USED clothes home with my baby. Why on earth would they do that? Does my baby look like she needs clothes??? I couldn't decide if I should be offended or not.

Wait let me explain a couple things.. my daughters school requires uniforms. White polo shirts and blue khakis to be exact. Its not like her shirts or pants had holes in them or were dirty hand me downs. Now she does constantly spill stuff on her shirt but shyt so does every other kid there. Even if she looks dirty by the end of the day she looks good to being it.

When I got home and saw the clothes it was 2 skirts and a shirt. 1 skirt was broken, the fastener didn't work but they other skirt was cool. Since they sent skirts I started to think that they were clothes the school couldn't use since it was winter. They keep backup clothes at the school just in case the kids have accidents. Since its like 30 degrees outside you can't just randomly send little girls home in skirts. That said they decided LMS could use them... Maybe they felt bad for her since they know all the drama between me and her mom but whatever the reason I was offended even if they didn't intend too.

I went out and bought LMS new uniforms, tossed the broken skirt and just decided to pretend it didn't happen lol