04 April 2011

Paying it forward

I've mentioned a couple times how I've been blessed. My 1 new years resolution was to give back whenever I could. I've done this a couple ways. First by hosting Dinners/BBQ's at my house where I invite anyone who wanted to come. People come, eat and laugh and leave happy. Everyone seems to enjoy it, even LMS asks when the next one is every other day.

I've also just tried to be more supportive to my friends and family. If they have a event and ask me to come out I try my best to make it and show support. I also help those in need. At work we have Job Corps interns. These are kids who for whatever reason end up in the jobs corps program. They usually come from bad situations and are using job corps as a way to learn a trade and gain stable employment. They are unpaid interns and are given brown bag lunches. They wear salvation army clothes, basically they are poor kids trying to do right. So when one came in dressed in a shirt, slacks, tie and the most busted dress shoes I've seen in a long while I decided to buy him some new ones. Why? because he needed it, hes a good kid who has to endure sitting near me and all my jokes. Trust me that's like a separate job lol.

This is how I know I'm getting old. Before I would have just made jokes but now I feel compelled to help. In a different life (before fatherhood) I was a selfish bastard, before I had a kid my mom was worried I was too selfish to manage it. I didn't understand it then but now I do. I'm much more of a giving person now, always being focused on yourself gets old. Or as one book I read put it "Me Me Me, is Dull Dull Dull". At some point you realize that you really do get satisfaction from giving. As corny as it sounds just making people happy really is a reward. One key point of it is to never expect to get anything in return. If you loan money, never expect to see it again just consider it a gift. If you buy someone a gift don't sit and wait for them to get you one. You have to do stuff just because you want to, not because you want that person to owe you. Don't keep score, your only reward has to be that feeling that you did well and that person is happy. Hell sometimes they don't even say thanks! even then you have to just be happy that you tried and move on.