20 April 2011

Mothers Day Dilemma

I was going to do a whole post about the whole "washing dishes" thing ya'll had a field day with but I decied not to. I will say this though I find it hard to beleive that you woun't wash a dish in your boyfriends house knowing his dishwasher is broken. Not some dude who invited you over to "watch movies" or that dude you only call when your lady parts need attention but your MAN, the one you shack up with on weekends. You wouldn't wash a dish in his sink? come on you aint gotta lie to kick it lol.

Anyway on to real issues, besides I have a dishwasher now I don't need no woman to wash my dishes lol. My current moral dilemma is whether I should make arrangements for LMS to see her mom on mothers day. Its falls on a non visit sunday so we would either have to switch weekends or make special plans. Since I'd actually like to see MY mom on mothers day and not spend it at Chuck e cheese she might be out of luck.

Besides she wouldn't go out her way for me if it was fathers day, wanna know how I know? because last Fathers day I didn't get a call/email/text/carrier pigeon... nothing. Oh wait my girl at the time made me breakfast, but nothing from my daughter. I'm not sure if I'm bitter about the whole situation with my baby momma but I know for sure I ain't doing her no favors. The holiday isn't about children its about moms and honestly she is a shitty mom... wait that sounds bitter lol. Its true though, she lacks all kinds of common sense. I really try to not talk too much shit about her but trust me I could.

Back to mothers day, I'm sure 1 of you will say "Be the bigger person" but why? this is the same person who literally tried to ruin my life, why exactly should I be nice to her? Yes she gave birth to LMS but that was 6 years ago AND I thanked her for it. This isn't a "whats best for LMS" situation, its strictly about her. Just like if it was her b-day I wouldn't do anything. Besides that the only reason I'm even remotely nice is the fact that I think being mean would block my blessings. You know the whole do unto others thing. That saves me from being a complete asshole to her. Maybe you can tell that I simply don't like her lol. So I figure I will ask LMS if she wants to call her mom on mothers day but I'm not about to buy a gift to change my plans top accomadate her.

Now the hard part is to figure out what my mom wants to do for mothers day....