05 May 2011

The Peep Show

I feel like this blog has gotten way too serious. What happen to my random stories about foolishness? where are the random thoughts posts? Where the fun? Maybe I give those stories/thoughts to twitter now. let me share a story I didn't tell on twitter....

I went to a Burlesque show.... it was one of those things that crossed my radar recently and wanted to checkout. I had never been to one and when I saw a local place hosted them I knew I had to hit it up. A friend of mine agreed to go with me since I rarely ever do anything alone. The venue was on H st in DC. A place that 5 years ago you wouldn't go to unless you HAD too and 5 years from now will probably be nothing but bars and hot spots. Right now is a insane mix of the locals who have lived there the last 20 years and a new element that is slowing moving them out. Its gentrification in progress.

The show was being held above a bar... We walk into said establishment and there is a cat sitting there behind the bar just chilling. It was disturbing and I'm pretty sure a health code violation, but we can feel safe that there are no rats at this bar right? once we make it upstairs I realize there are no seats... this is a standing room only performance. I mean the tickets were only $15 so you can't ask for TOO much but damn could we at least get some folding chairs? Maybe a stool? Anyway we decided to move up front since I'm not the tallest dude and my friend is shorter then me. We secure a spot close to the stage with the other short people when this 7 foot woman comes up front. This group of women in front of us were pissed! She towered over them and blocked their view. Luckily our view was unobstructed by the amazon woman. We figured once the show started she would move back so the regular people could see but nope, she stood her ass there the whole show. Even the Host made a remark that she should move to the back.

So the show starts, the first girl comes out and has some amazing legs, seriously she had a bunch of tattoos but her legs were great. She did a couple moves that suggested she worked at a strip club at some point... and not any strip club but a black strip club. With her body I could see it working for her *shrugs*. As she takes her clothes off and the tasseled titties start spinning the crowd cheers. I'm thinking this is going to be a good show despite having to STAND thru it. Then the next girl comes out and she isn't that attractive but still entertaining. In between the acts the host did random things to pass the time. My favorite was when he drove a nail into his head thru his nose. My friend couldn't watch but I was all for it! it got even better when he pulled out a electric drill and drilled into his nose. He even swallowed a sword and asked an assistant from the crowd who was WAY to eager to be on stage to remove it. Did I mention he was drinking whiskey the whole show? yeah drunk hosts are the best.

Back to the girls though... by far the first girl was the most physically attractive but the others preformed well including some girl who's nickname was "legs" I mean she WAS leggy lol. So despite the thick thighs and tasseled titties what really stole the show was the 2 dudes dressed in drag preforming a musical about Lot's wife... you know from the bible. They remixed "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Taylor (google it) to tell her story. It was completely blasphemes but let me tell you I was dying. The song has been stuck in my head all week.

There was also a intermission... during which the performers came around with a bag asking for tips. They were also selling posters, head shots (pictures, don't get nasty) and hand made tassels. My friend mentioned she wanted to get some tassels and I had to explain to her that they are a good idea on women with smaller breasts. Once you get over a C cup its too much to be trying to spin! you could hurt someone.

So in conclusion... it was a great show, did I mention we had to stand in 1 place for 1.5 hours?

01 May 2011

The Growth.... Forgiveness

So for those that might be new to the blog I title any post that deals with me growing as a person "The Growth"... I added a link to the different ones on the right if you want to browse them. They will be the only posts that actually get a label.

Anyway I in one of the comments in my last post someone mentioned the post "I saw her" Wanna here something crazy.... I had blocked that day out of my head until the commenter mentioned it. It was one of the worst days in my life... not THE worst but like top 5. I had not thought about it for a long time and it happened over a year ago. When I read that comment I began to relive that day and it pissed me off. Some things just trigger bad memories.

So with that day and the anger of that day renewed in my brain my Baby Mommas Mother (BMM) asked me if LMS could come over and pick up her easter basket. Mind you BMM and BM are close. BM spends everyday over her house. So I haven't allowed LMS to go over there since I got custody. I'm worried if I left her over there my BM might do something crazy, Also I have no interest in being over there since last time I was there my BM maced me.

It being a holiday I agreed to take LMS over to pick up her basket. They were not home on easter so I ended up going during the week. Before we pull up I explain to LMS that she can't stay long because she has homework to do and I have dinner to cook. We pull up and of course my BM is there, LMS jumps out the car and I stay in with the engine running. BMM and Baby momma Dad (BMD) come out and say thanks to me for bringing LMS. Then BMM asks if I'm coming inside..... I decline but I'm confused as to why she would even ask knowing damn well my BM was inside. She even seemed shocked that I declined and remained in the car. So I'm chilling playing with my phone when BMD walks up to my car and reaches out to shake my hand... I shake his and he says "No hard feelings"....

I was speechless. I mean my first reaction was "no hard feelings towards who?" I mean I didn't do shit to this man, he shouldn't have any hard feelings toward me. Its them that supported their daughter as she was acting a fool. Between him saying that and the memories of the school day in my head, I instantly realized I hate these people. Like really and truly hate them. Not just my BM who I knew I hated but her parents too. Not only were they right there in my BM's corner for every court appearance but now they are smiling in my face trying to be my friend. We've had our disagreements before and I knew they were shady people but I'm just amazed how they want to be friendly now.... like I'm just supposed to forget everything that happened and how they were involved. MAYBE if they started with an apology I'd be open to the idea but right now its just not going to happen.

Heres the thing. by nature I'm a jerk. I don't really express a lot of emotions. I work hard to overcome it and let people know how I feel about them. I've tired to let people knmow how I feel about them rather then just live and not say anything. Its hard to do because its not in my nature. I know my BM's parents have no idea I hate them, granted they should have an idea based on whats happened but I have never explained it to them simply because I didn't feel a need to, They didn't count to me. I never aired out my baby momma either but that was more because I didn't want to give her any ammo for court. Well that and I'm sure anything I tell her will get twisted and misunderstood. When it comes to them I just smile and wave. No amount of fighting will change the facts of what happened. I have no desire to argue with them but they seem to think that my calmness means I'm open to being their friend.

This post was actually supposed to me about me realizing that I'll have to forgive these people at some point. Not today or tomorrow but some point. I can't remember the last person I actually hated besides my BM. I generally cut people loose before I get a chance to hate them. That feeling of dislike is enough for me. But these folks are in that hate zone... one day I'll be able to forgive them and soon after that maybe just maybe forgive my baby momma.