13 May 2011

The Dating Game

I've been asked like 4 times in the last month if I was back dating yet. From everyone to my boys to my daughters therapist. It seems I'm not allowed to take a break. Somehow me not resuming my dating adventures baffles people, they make me feel like I haven't gone out in 7 years when reality is its been like 7 months. I know single moms who are too consumed being a mom to date. They make excuses and hide behind the label "mom". Trust me, I'm not them. I'm still adjusting to this juggling act of being a single dad and trying to reprogram this little girl. I don't want to add dating to it, I have more to worry about then finding a mate.

Besides I don't even miss dating. The whole idea of it isn't as exciting to me as it once was. I used to look forward to all the awkwardness of it, the reading of body language all the unsaid rules. It was fun, now? blah I'd rather get some extra sleep. When I mentioned it to my friend, we'll call her "Cosmopolite" just google it, she said "I just assume you have a lot of female friends, they fill in the space of what you want from women now and when you feel like it, you'll actually look for a real gf" Ahh how my friends know me so well lol. Its important to have friends who understand you but that's a different post. Cosmopolite is right, I have enough people around me to fill in most the gaps of not being in a relationship. the gaps that are not filled I'm not that interested in filling right now. Honestly I can't see me fostering a relationship right now, my head just isn't in it.

Its funny to see other peoples reaction though. When a woman says she isn't dating, people comment that its a good time to reflect on the men she choose and give her a chance to grow. when I say it people tilt their head to the side like I've been possessed by something. I get offers to be hooked up and questioned about what I'm doing to meet women. Like I'm new to this dating thing, they just can't seems to grasp that I'm good.

In life I've learned that all things happen when they are supposed to. I'll get back to the dating adventures soon just let me have a minute to get things right at home. Besides did I mention how awesome my dishwasher was? All I need is a maid and I'll be set! lol

11 May 2011

Mothers Day Dilemma... pt2

So I'm sure your wondering what ended up happening on mothers day. Well I a week before my mom told me to make sure LMS got her mom a card. My mom is much nicer then me and I figured that was a sign since I never discussed anything about mothers day with her. So i went to the local arts and craft store and bought some poster paper (8x11 not a huge poster) and let LMS make her mom a card. She gave the card to her mom the thursday before mothers day when they met. As we were leaving me and the BM had this convo

BM: Can LMS come past my moms house on sunday?
Me: Naw, we already have plans
BM: I can't see her on mothers day?
Me: No, were busy
BM: whatever...

Now I'd lying if part of me wasn't like "Yeah FUCK YOU BITCH!!!" but me and LMS really did have plans to go out with my mom. I already did 100% more then she would have done for me with the card. Then on mothers day morning I asked LMS is she wanted to call her mom and wish her a happy mothers day, usually she never wants to call but this time she did. So I gave her the phone and they spoke for a little while.

Just another day in paradise.