09 June 2011

The Dumb Test

I had this long post about me and my ex and what happened but after writing it and proof reading it I decided I didn't want to share. Its just one of those things I don't like talking about, call it a open wound of whatever but I doubt I'll ever devote an entire post to it. Instead I'ma post about a conversation me and LMS had.

We were driving home after school/work and LMS asks me "Daddy you want to take the dumb test?" Me being the genius that I am figured this would be simple. It went something like this.

Me: Sure
LMS: Ok, What color is your hair?
Me: Black
LMS: Whats you eye color?
Me: Brown
LMS: What color pants are you wearing?
Me: Tan
LMS: What color shirt are you wearing?
Me: Blue
LMS: What color is my shirt?
Me: White
LMS: What was the 1st question I asked?
Me: What color is my hair
LMS: NOPE!!! I asked do you want to take the dumb test! *evil laugh*
Me: .......

Honestly I felt dumb. Shes almost 7 and she already out smarted me! Send help I'm in trouble.

07 June 2011

The Only Constant is Change...

I've officially entered into the next stage of my court life.... Custodial parent. I went to court and for the first time I was on the other side and let me tell you its a hell of a lot less stressful. Usually in court I'm nervous, today I was cool, more irritated that I had to take off work then anything.

See BM was understandably unhappy with the visitation arrangement, I mean how do you explain to people why they NEVER see you with your daughter? oh wait I know how since I had to do it.... never mind. Hell I was unhappy with the arrangement too. One can only sit in the car and "supervise" for so long before you go crazy. Especially once that summer heat hit. The last couple times I ended up going to a bar across the street from chuck e cheese while they visited. Wait did I mention that we had a schedule that was a mix of 3 hours at chuck e cheese and 2 hours at the library? yeah it was cool but I hated waiting. When we first arrange the schedule I suggested we could re-visit it once school was out. Since that time is here it was time to change.

She put in a motion to have visitation changed to unsupervised and we agreed on a schedule that will gradually give her more time until she has every other weekend by the time summer is over.

Short story from court.... as were waiting for out case to be called these parents are before the judge, this lady owes 20k in back child support and the dad wants her to get locked up. The lady says "I'm disability" and tells the judge how she is bi-polar and only gets $500 a month from social security. She is supposed to pay $200 a month for her 2 kids. So as they are talking my lawyer nudges me and says thats going to be me in the future. It was funny because it was true. Only my BM is smarter then this lady. Which is bad for me.

Anyway, part of me is worried about LMS spending more time with her mom but reality is there is not enough in her past that would prevent her from having unsupervised visitation. Even shitty parents get see their kids on the weekend if they want to. I could have dragged it out a couple more months but really whats the point of that. I'd rather start this schedule during the summer so by the time school starts back up we are all settled.

So with this change I'll have more idle/bored time, which means that sometime after I finally start pushing my BBQ sauce I'll probably start dating again. Me and boredom don't mix well and the best cure I have for boredom is dating. So ya'll can look forward to crazy first date stories. This should be an interesting summer.