24 June 2011

10 Day Challenge - 1 Picture

Me and LMS making silly faces, the fun side of fatherhood.

23 June 2011

10 Day Challenge - 2 Songs

Joe Budden - Black Cloud: Although it sounds like a dark song its actually about being happy. you have to listen to the lyrics to really understand. I can relate to so many things he raps about on here.

Lyfe Jennings - Smile: Another song I can relate too, its simply about moving on and being happy. Not dwelling on the past and being bitter. My favorite verse from it is "I'm leaving all those grudges behind me, Throwing fear out the window So when these blessings come to find me, They will have room to breathe and grow"

Its crazy I picked 2 songs by 2 dudes who had baby momma troubles lol. I guess its just music I can relate too.

22 June 2011

10 day Challenge - 3 movies

Star Wars - All of them. when ever they come on TV I have to watch them, I just love them. I even read the books pick up the story where the movies end. I even got LMS watching them.

Pulp Fiction - “Wheres my Bad Motherfucker?” “English Motherfucker! do you speak it!!” that's all you need to know about that movie.

The Other Guys - One of the most slept on comedies I’ve seen in a while. I remember seeing the previews and thinking it was going to be dumb. Then I saw it one random saturday afternoon and was dying laughing. Every morning since I wake up and say “gator don’t play no shit, gator ain't never been about playing no shit!” Just watch this clip.

21 June 2011

10 Day Challenge - 4 Books

I 'm big on self-help/inspirational books. My life has enough plots and twists where I don't need to read fiction books. Here are some of my faves

The Jewish Phenomenon - I don’t even know who put me on to this book but it opens your eyes to culture and how it effects wealth

Do You - Good ole Uncle Russel actually put out a good book that will inspire you

Failing Forward - John Maxwell is one of my favorite authors and this book teaches you how to learn and grow from your mistakes.

Become a better you - The only Joel Osteen book i’ve read. much like his sermans its not overly preachy and gets you thinking about you daily mindstate and how you can improve it.

20 June 2011

10 day Challenge - 5 Foods

I'm skipping day 6 because I can't think of 6 interesting places. yeah I know i'm slacking, but its my blog I can do what I want!

5 foods

Pepper Bacon - Not any pepper bacon but the stuff at my local Amish market. its what pork dreams are made of.

Chicken - its so versatile, its the one protien I buy when ever I see it on sale and keep in my freezer

Pulled Pork - I’ve been wanting to make some. I tried it once and it was just ok. I’m a much better BBQer now so I think I’ll try again.

Milanesa de carne - Me and my boy used to go to this place off columbia ave in DC and get this for lunch. Its like the simplest most awesome thing you can eat.

Masitas de Puerco - I had this at Lauriol Plaza in DC. I remember eating it and thinking “I need to learn how to make this” I’ve tried a couple times and I can’t get it right. Maybe I’ll just let them handle it. Its amazing.

19 June 2011

10 Day Challenge - 7 Wants

1. A new car -
A truck to be exact, I’m not thrilled about paying a car note again so I've been in no rush.

2. A week long vacation to another country - I've actually never been out the country but I’d love to start traveling.

3. To get married - I’d like to share my crazy life with someone

4. Another kid - This goes with #4 since having another Baby Momma would actually be a fear lol. Ideally I’d want a son but another girl would be cool too.

5. Financial Independence - if #1 and #4 happen this would probably take longer but that's a trade off I’d make.

6. To go deep sea fishing - I was actually hoping one of my boys would want to do this as a bachelor party thing but it didn't happen. I’ll have to push for this to happen

7. A matte black sports car - like THIS. It doesn't have to be a Lambo, a Vette would work just as well for me. That's in the “money to blow” folder, you know after the wife and kids are taken of OR if I don’t get married after LMS is in college.

btw I'm already tired of this challenge. Its kinda boring... I'ma finish tho, because I'm no quitter lol

Also Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there also to the Uncles, Brothers and Boyfriends who fill the Dad role.