28 July 2011

Updates and Such

So whats new in Baby Daddy Land?

- LMS started spending alternate weekends with her mom. 1st time was last weekend, I wish I could say I did some crazy wild shit but I just stayed in the house. My first free weekend in over 9 months and I sat on the couch. It was over 100 degrees everyday that weekend, it felt good to chill in the quiet. Besides I'll have plenty more weekends to do ignorant stuff.

- Speaking of those weekends it went off without any drama. LMS had a good time and besides an email from my baby momma that I just ignored, it was uneventful.

- LMS turned 7. We had a party at her summer camp, I bought cupcakes because making them for 44 kids didn't seem like fun. Kids don't care if a cupcake is store bought or homemade. I also made gift bags, this is huge you have no idea.

- My mom came over with some dresses she made for LMS... I love my mom but this Obama dress was a bit much. She said she was making it for the 4th of July but got behind.

I don't even know where she found Obama fabric from! In other news I might sell it on ebay during his re-election campaign lol

- I bought LMS a Nintendo DS for her birthday. By far the best gift I have ever gotten her, its awesome and holds her attention. Having that around adds to my sanity.

- I had every intent to take the baby to Ocean City this summer buy my knee is still bothering me and walking the boardwalk is the last thing I want to do. Its getting better though so it still might happen. I think she would love it.

- Its Back to school time and I have a list of school supplies. I pray this year is smooth sailing since all the custody drama is behind us. I need to do a better job being active at the school and letting the teaching know who I am. 2nd grade should be fun.