03 August 2011

Is 1 enough?

I often get asked the question "do you want more kids?" and its an interesting question because depending on when I'm asked my answer changes. Some days I swear I want a son, You know someone to carry on my name and what not. Plus I know my mom would love a grandson and it doesn't look like my sister is having anymore kids.

Other days I think I'm good. I could see myself with another baby (plus wife) and I could also see myself being 42 with a kid in college and the rest of my life in front of me. I'll be free to do whatever and move wherever. I mean LMS is growing and do I really want to start over? The older she gets the harder it will be for me. I think my cut off is when shes 10. If I don't have another kid by the time she is 10 I'll just forget about it. I mean she will be more then halfway out the door!

That said I think it will have more to do with who I marry, If I get married and my wife wanted to have kids I would do it. I wouldn't deny someone the joy of parenthood because I've already been thru it. Kids are awesome and I'd love to raise one without the drama. Now if she says she wants like 6 kids we might have a problem.
Lets be clear though, there is no way want another baby momma. After all I've been thru with my current one I would be crazy to go that route again. So if I never get married you can be sure I won't have anymore kids. Now with my luck I'll get married have a kid then get divorced lol

The good part of this is I don't have to use "do you want kids" as a factor when dating. On the imaginary list of things you look for in a mate Ion't have a line item for it. Either way I'm good, which is nice because I often meet women whos answer changes 3x a month depending on hormones and their physical proximity to babies.

So in short, I have no idea if LMS will have a brother or sister by me. Maybe her mom will get knocked up again.