09 August 2011

Weekend Wrapup

I haven't done a weekend wrap up in ages... mostly because my weekends have been a boring mix of kids activities and cleaning. Baby girl was with her mom this weekend so I decided I needed to get out and have some fun. Originally I was going see planet of the apes solo on saturday and sneak into Captain America. Yes SNEAK in have you been watching the Stock Markets?? shits about to get extra real in these streets I'm saving money where ever possible.

So I was discussing my plan with my friend The Cosmopolite and she suggested we go to the movies on friday. Only instead of seeing Planet of the Apes OR Captian America we ended up seeing "Stupid, Crazy, Love". I have to say this movie was WAY funnier then I was expecting and I actually enjoyed it for a number of reasons. 1 it made me miss dating, the whole awkwardness of getting to know someone. I miss it. Also it properly showcases what love does to you and how people try to move on from love or get over it and how hard it is. Oh and its just funny, I cant remember the last time I laughed out loud during the first 10 min of a movie.

So after the movie we hit up outback steakhouse for some dinner. Mind you I'm fresh off seeing the beauty of the dating scene in a movie, that high was quickly gone upon walking into this place on a friday night. We got a booth next to the bar, perfect people watching location. I mention to my friend how I wouldn't talk to anyone at the bar. I mean anyone! they were all unfortunate looking. granted they all seemed to be having a good time, just nobody I would consider my type. there was even this girl who could be best described as John Goodman looking. no really she looked like a female version of John Goodman, only shorter. She was sitting at the bar when this dude came up and sat next to her, it was obvious that he knew her. I don;t know if it was a date or just a "meet me at the bar" kinda thing but she was clearly flirting with him and he seemed open to it. My friend said they were going to hook up later. This same dude was eyeing this girl sitting in the next booth. Now the girl in the next booth looked horrible. Like super ugly... Jay-Z (not how Jay-Z looks but because he made a song called super ugly... nevermind). The whole scene concerned me, like is THIS whats left in the dating pool? is it so bad that this dude had to eye one bad looking girl while flirting with another one? I mean both these girls together would make a 5. And dude wasn't bad looking, Cosmopolite assured me he could have done better. There is a very real chance this guy just makes bad life choices. I mean I've been there before, I wouldn't flaunt my baby momma around as a dime so maybe hes just down on his luck.

So I'm explaining to my friend how this whole scene is disconcerting. I also said when she sees me with a rollie pollie john goodman look alike she should know I just gave up. She calmly replies "What about us? women are playing against these women and losing!" she also used the analogy of playing in the superbowl and constantly losing to the underdog. Which was classic in my book.

So in short "Crazy, Stupid, Love" was good, the dating pool in MD sucks, some guys make bad life choices and the underdogs stay winning at the superbowl.

On and this was just Friday... I'll blog about saturday and sunday next time.